Welcome to my webzone!

Drawing by Michael Elizabeth Johnson

I’m William Johnson.
I live in Omaha, Nebraska, where I studied secondary education and British/Irish/Anglophone literature.
I am an advocate for equity in public education. I hope to convey my support of social justice and economic equity in my own teachings and writings.
I read A LOT of different books, so I started this blog to collect my weird thoughts on various books I’ve read, in addition to writing about education.
I also play video games in my free time, so I will share my thoughts about storytelling and mechanics in video games on this blog as well.
I tweet occasionally at @williamakabill.
I also have a Goodreads account that I use to track what I read, as well as collect shorter thoughts about books I’ve read. Feel free to add me as a friend! :^)

I hope this blog helps you think more about reading, writing, learning and advocacy!

Thanks for visiting,


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